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Bianca C. Wilson

Owner + Designer

Hi there! I'm Bianca C., an independent graphic designer who's passionate about using her God-given talents to support other businesses in their journey to success. I specialize in creating clean, memorable logo designs and brand identities that help small businesses and individuals make a lasting impact in their industries.

Since late 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of improving the brand identities of small businesses and creating new design elements for established brands of non-profit associations. In May 2019, I officially decided to embark on the journey of running Bianca C. Designs full-time. Although I'm based in South Florida, I welcome the opportunity to work with out-of-state clients as well as in-state clients.



  • I enjoy humorous things, especially clever jokes and puns (thus the subheading—“Behind the Screens” instead of “Behind the Scenes”).

  • Quality time with my family and friends is something I truly treasure.

  • Home improvement shows are my jam! The transformation from run-down to renovated is always fascinating.

  • Although I’m extroverted, I do enjoy my alone time and the opportunity to gather my thoughts and unwind.

  • Cruising is my favorite way to vacation (with roadtrips as a close 2nd).

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 Why Choose Bianca C Designs?

I believe in creating a unique design solution that answers the specific challenges and goals your business has. So before I jump into any design work, I like to take the time to understand your business better during our discovery call.

From the start, I always want our lines of communication to open and clear. I make it my aim to provide you with timely and understandable feedback to any questions or concerns you may have. And I want you to know that your input is a valued and appreciated part of this process.

It’s my goal for us to work together as a team during this design process. Through great communication and equal effort, we’ll be able to achieve our deadlines and project milestones with ease. And as a result, the final product will definitely be something we’re both proud of.

I’m truly interested in getting to know you and your business beyond the scope of our design project. As I’m allowed a role in your business development, I’m excited to see how your business grows and changes people’s lives for the better. I’m here to cheer you on because I sincerely want to see you win, in business and in life.